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With the Smoothline® flush-mount wall plate system

The Smoothline® Flush-Mount Wall Plate System for Wood

Smoothline flush wall plate for wood

The patent pending Smoothline flush-mount wall plate system for wood offers an innovative, cost-effective method of mounting outlets and switches flush with the wood surface for the ultimate in clean lines and modern sophistication.

Designed with the consumer and contractor in mind, the Smoothline system is easy to install and relies on common construction and finishing techniques. You or your electricians and finish carpenters will understand the system after only a few minutes of instruction.

The Smoothline system is UL listed in the U.S. and Canada and meets electrical testing standards so contractors and architects can be confident in specifying our products.

The Smoothline system for wood uses only two components:

Smoothline flush mount wall plate for wood flange and Final Cover

Installation is integrated into standard construction steps:

1. Cut a hole for the junction box: The Smoothline system for wood is designed for use with a Carlon BR114R old-work junction box. If a different box is used, adjust the hole size to fit that box. If using the Carlon BR114R box, cut a 3-3/4" by 2-3/8" hole in the wood.

Smoothline flush wall plate for wood, junction box cut in wood

2. Rout Out the Flange Recess: Clamp or nail the Smoothline Wood Template, available in the DesignMod Shop, to the wood, centered over the junction box hole. Rout out the flange area to a depth of 0.39 inches.

Smoothline flush wall plate for wood, with template

Use the flange to set your router depth. The Template is designed to work with a 1/4" router bit and a 1/2" router template guide collar.

Router set-up example

The resulting inset will measure 4 5/8" by 2 7/8" with a 1/8" corner radius.

Smoothline flush wall plate for wood, routed out for flange

3. Insert the Junction Box: Insert a Carlon BR114R old-work junction box into the opening. Because the system uses an old-work junction box, this can be done after the wood is installed as part of the construction process.

Single gang Smoothline flush wall plate with outlet finished

4. Insert the Flange: Insert the Smoothline flange into the hole. The flange is designed so it can be affixed to the wood along with the junction box using #6 round-head wood screws.

Single gang Smoothline flush wall plate with outlet finished

5. Insert the Outlet or Accessory: Insert the outlet, switch or other accessory. The Smoothline system will work with any item that is the standard decorator shape, including audio/visual and network connectors. Ensure the electrical service has been disconnected before performing any electrical work and perform all electrical work in compliance with local building codes.

Single gang Smoothline flush wall plate with outlet finished

6. Insert the Final Cover: Snap in the final cover.

Single gang Smoothline flush wall plate with outlet finished

Download brochures, installation instructions and dimensional information.

Streamline Your Design® with the Smoothline flush-mount wall plate system.

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