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With the Smoothline® flush-mount wall plate system

The DesignMod® Philosophy

Clean lines, uninterrupted flow, making an impact with understated details – these are the hallmarks of modern architecture and the foundation of the DesignMod philosophy.

The DesignMod story began in 2009 when my wife and I set out to remodel our master bedroom and bathroom. Our goal was to create a modern, clean, spa-like look and feel. We were fortunate to find a preeminent modern architect to do the design work. Working with him, we learned that less can be more, that in modern architecture the smallest details matter, and that simple clean lines can be surprisingly difficult to achieve. We also learned that many things we wanted simply didn't exist.

So, after designing doors, door strikes and other elements for our remodel, it was clear to me that after more than fifteen years as a corporate attorney, it was time to return to my engineering roots and bring my ideas to market.

DesignMod's goal is to bring clean, modern design to the little things that often are treated as an afterthought in the design process. And, just as important, to do this in a way that keeps these design elements accessible to all builders and homeowners. Good design should not be beyond reach.

DesignMod's first product is the Smoothline® flush-mount wall plate system. Smoothline wall plates are an innovative, cost-effective solution that allows you to mount outlets and switches flush with the wall for the ultimate in clean lines and modern sophistication.

We hope you are able to Streamline Your Design® with DesignMod's innovative products.

James L. Burns

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DesignMod specializes in products that add that extra level of finish to your building and remodeling projects.
Our Smoothline® flush-mount wall plates remove the clutter and allow the brilliance of your design to shine.

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